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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Android tablet- sleek, streamlined and powerful!

Android tablets have become the latest rage and are an exciting way to listen to your favourite music, watch videos or mails and all without having to deal with annoying wires. The Android OS is really the reason behind the popularity of android tablets. The android OS is an operating system which has been designed by Google and it provides easy usability for accessing the media or surfing the net. It is based upon the Linux Kernel software and the GNU and can be used for any mobile devices like tablets, cell phones and netbook computers.
The android tablet has many advantages. It is designed like an open platform which enables anyone anywhere to share whatever they have developed with everyone. Plugins can be added or removed wherever, whenever you want to unlike the Apple operating systems which do not permit any third party application other than the user. This has been one of the major reasons for the upsurge in popularity of android tablets and why they make such great gift ideas.
The majority of the android tablets have USB ports and this makes it easy for the user to use flash drives or any other type of device which needs to be plugged into the USB. They are powerful, flexible and can be got customized. They are also light weight and small enough to be carried around without it getting cumbersome. Netbook Computers ,Android tablets weigh approximately half a kilo and occupy a space no more than a sheet of A4 paper. They are not burdened with a huge battery, keyboards or fans and you will hardly feel its presence even in your handbag or backpack!
Android tablets can be customized with various new apps and backgrounds. Its operating system enables you to add links to your favourite apps and to change the background of your homepage. This makes the tablet your own unique tablet. These tablets are ideal for watching for videos because unlike in smartphones or MP4players, the screen size is fairly decent of between 7 -10 inches and it is possible to enjoy the videos without causing eyestrain. The android computer tablet comes with free internet connection which means that whenever you are in the WiFi zone, you can access the net without any hassles.
Free applications are one of the biggest advantages of android tablets. These applications let you play games, access Facebook and even YouTube and Gmail. Most of the apps are free and you can install the app of your choice and use it anytime, anywhere. An android tablet is quite inexpensive and with its streamlined looks can give the most sophisticated of laptops a run for their money.

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