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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Personal gadgets make for wonderful gift ideas!

Buying presents for someone is always a nerve-wracking job even if you know that person really well. There are too many factors to be taken into consideration if you wish to gift the appropriate thing. Age, sex, occasion are only some of them and it can often get quite tiring especially with the bewildering variety of choices available today. But, to make it as simple as possible it makes sense to categorise the gift giving into occasions so that at least you know what type of present to get and then the various adjustments can be made.
To begin with, if it’s a romantic occasion, one of the better gift ideas is to gift a holiday to that person if you can afford it. The two of you can get away from the hurly-burly of life and enjoy some ‘our-time’ together! Or book a table at an expensive restaurant and go the whole hog with champagne, flowers and chocolates. These are mere suggestions and you can always come up with something more innovative and within your budget.
A bridal shower or a baby shower will of course require a different kind of gifting and sometimes it is best to stick to gift vouchers if you are realty unsure about the type of present you should be getting them. Some brides-to-be or new parents appreciate being helped with essential gadgets and stuff and in that case, it is easy to get the appropriate present. Birthdays are another momentous occasions and cause much hair-splitting. In this case, it is best to gift something suitable according to the age.
Nowadays, with interest in gadgets reaching sky-high, gifting gadgets like mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets or netbooks are extremely popular. Actually, these make very good sense especially if the person concerned is a gadget freak and would like to add to his collection. Teenagers also get very excited as soon as a new gadget is launched and gifting them an android tablet or an android netbook will be just the thing. Nowadays, even toddlers can operate computers and getting a kids laptop for them will give them their own gadget to tinker with and keep them happily amused for hours. These personal gadgets can be gifted on any occasion and even as christening gifts for older children, they do not look odd.
Your gift ideas reflect your personal taste but it is important that your personal preference should not override the receiver’s taste!

Android tablet- sleek, streamlined and powerful!

Android tablets have become the latest rage and are an exciting way to listen to your favourite music, watch videos or mails and all without having to deal with annoying wires. The Android OS is really the reason behind the popularity of android tablets. The android OS is an operating system which has been designed by Google and it provides easy usability for accessing the media or surfing the net. It is based upon the Linux Kernel software and the GNU and can be used for any mobile devices like tablets, cell phones and netbook computers.
The android tablet has many advantages. It is designed like an open platform which enables anyone anywhere to share whatever they have developed with everyone. Plugins can be added or removed wherever, whenever you want to unlike the Apple operating systems which do not permit any third party application other than the user. This has been one of the major reasons for the upsurge in popularity of android tablets and why they make such great gift ideas.
The majority of the android tablets have USB ports and this makes it easy for the user to use flash drives or any other type of device which needs to be plugged into the USB. They are powerful, flexible and can be got customized. They are also light weight and small enough to be carried around without it getting cumbersome. Netbook Computers ,Android tablets weigh approximately half a kilo and occupy a space no more than a sheet of A4 paper. They are not burdened with a huge battery, keyboards or fans and you will hardly feel its presence even in your handbag or backpack!
Android tablets can be customized with various new apps and backgrounds. Its operating system enables you to add links to your favourite apps and to change the background of your homepage. This makes the tablet your own unique tablet. These tablets are ideal for watching for videos because unlike in smartphones or MP4players, the screen size is fairly decent of between 7 -10 inches and it is possible to enjoy the videos without causing eyestrain. The android computer tablet comes with free internet connection which means that whenever you are in the WiFi zone, you can access the net without any hassles.
Free applications are one of the biggest advantages of android tablets. These applications let you play games, access Facebook and even YouTube and Gmail. Most of the apps are free and you can install the app of your choice and use it anytime, anywhere. An android tablet is quite inexpensive and with its streamlined looks can give the most sophisticated of laptops a run for their money.

Android netbook- great power in a small package!

Netbooks are the smaller, slimmer and less expensive versions of laptops and can be used for various computing needs like presentations, checking mails, surfing the net, processing documents and checking spread sheets. They are equally great for students and teachers in schools and colleges. In today’s times, no savvy businessman whether big or small is without a netbook computer and an android netbook is fast becoming a popular choice.
People who are constantly on the go find netbooks immensely useful as a means of linking back to office or home. Netbooks, by virtue of being lightweight and slim are easy to lug around than the conventional laptops. Most people enjoy using netbooks because of its several excellent features. Reasonable prices, extended battery life, light weight and very easy portability are only some of them. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, browse the net, create office documents or make any changes to them and even read eBooks on these netbooks.
Although a netbook computer is small in size, it has more than enough power to do all these computing tasks efficiently. It has a good battery life and extra space can be created by opting for an external HDD or Hard Disk Drive. Netbooks have many operating systems like Windows XP and the latest is the android OS which has some distinct advantages. This android computer has software which has been pre-installed to meet the basic requirements of the user. The android netbook has an efficient operating system which ensures good performance and it looks trendy and smart. It has atom processors in place of chipset because they are energy saving.
The screen size ranges from 7 inches to 11 inches and it also comes equipped with touch functions. The storage capacity is extendable and provides more than adequate storage for average use. It also has Bluetooth and WiFi, USB ports and Ethernet ports. A keypad enables you to get your work done faster. The document editors, MP3 or MP4 players, movie player, email, browser all come pre-installed.
The most attractive feature of netbooks is the price of these mini computers and this tilts the scales in its favour immensely. The price of netbooks is very affordable as even the high-end netbooks cost less than a low-end laptop. Add to this, the sleek design, petite size and power-packed performance and it’s no wonder that netbooks have become the favourites for the majority overriding even laptops in the popularity stakes.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Find the perfect cheap laptop

Portable computers or in common terms laptops is the most preferred gadget for many people. You need not be glued to your desk while working, and now with Wi-Fi facility you can keep travelling while working. Students and professionals alike now prefer to buy cheap laptops in place of expensive ones due to the raising standards of living. Cheap laptops don’t necessarily mean laptops with less quality. Good cheap netbooks with all facilities are available at lesser rates because there are new versions in the market. If you follow certain important criteria, you will be able to find yourselves a good laptop at an affordable rate.

Nowadays reputed companies are selling branded laptops at a lesser price online. Laptops which have minor defects like scratches, etc. are sold at a remarkably low price when compared to the showroom price and that too you can get the piece delivered directly to your home. Some of these companies also provide laptops for a lease. The companies will also give you a certificate which stands good like a warranty. This is a very good method to buy a cheap laptop. You can also buy a cheap laptop from a large discount store which has become a trend nowadays. There also many other online websites which list the second hand laptops for sale. They provide you with all specifications of the laptop so that you can choose from a big list according to your requirements.

Check the battery life, memory, external connectivity, processor, camera and other specific feature you require. You may also be interested to check the weight of the laptop. In case you have a travelling job, then you should choose a light laptop. RAM and memory should be thoroughly verified before ordering.

 The screen size varies significantly in laptop brands, so choose the size which will make you comfortable to use. But before making payment online be sure of the reputation of the website because there are some fraudulent websites who do not deliver the products. On the other hand, certain websites are thoroughly professional and offer quality products are great prices. They also give you an option to return the product in case it does not meet your specified specifications. These websites have an option of customer support. You can call up the customer support to clarify all your doubts.

Students mostly prefer cheap netbook nowadays due to the increasing school fees and a laptop is very useful for them and in a way has become inevitable while doing a project. So be smart and choose a laptop which will be your good partner.